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Keren Cytter

Middle of Beyond

DETNL/USA, 2017, 85 (Deutsch) Min., orig. [en]
(Deutsch) mit Fabian Stumm, Susie Meyer, Friederike Frerichs, Julius Feldmeier, Alma Meyer-Prescott, Jen McGuire, Matthew Dickman as himself, Naima Fehrenbacher, Kerstin Cmelka, Antonio Grulli, Shay Dashevsky, Nicola Heim

10.04.19 16:45 (Deutsch) Bozen, Club 3

Ten days in the life of thirty-something Malte. Desperately wanting to be a poet, he tries  and fails to connect with the people around him. His relationship with his mother alternates between anger and regret while he struggles to take up a rapport with single mom Greta and her small daughter. Instead, he feels drawn to mysterious Reiner who fuels his sense of rage towards a society that seemingly refuses to see his true potential. Blending fiction, news clips and animation, MIDDLE OF BEYOND depicts the daily numbness of a world flooded by information and social media where the borders between reality and illusion are crumbling and narcissism and self-promotion overshadow moral values.

Zehn Tage im Leben des fast dreißigjährigen Malte. Verzweifelt entschlossen, ein Dichter zu werden, versucht er die Beziehungen zu den Menschen in seiner Umgebung mehr oder weniger zu stabilisieren, auch zu seiner Mutter.

Dieci giorni nella vita del quasi trentenne Malte. Disperatamente deciso a diventare un poeta, nel frattempo cerca di avere rapporti più o meno stabili con la gente che lo circonda e con la madre, con cui ha un rapporto tira e molla quotidiano.