Roland Vranik

(Deutsch) RolandVranik

Born 1968 in Budapest. After graduation in 1987,
he worked on several diploma films, shorts and
national/international feature films as production
manager and director’s assistant and as a member
of the Positive Production Workshop. He made
some 30 spots and video clips before directing his
debut feature “Black Brush” (Fekete kefe) in 2005.
His first film was awarded Best Film, Best DoP and
Best Producer prizes at the Hungarian Film Week.
Vranik’s second feature film, “Transmission” (Adás)
was produced in 2009 and showcased at more
than 20 renowned festivals worldwide. “The Citizen”
(Az állampolgár) was awarded Best Drama
2017 Cinequest, USA and Best Screenplay in 2017
Fantasporto, Portugal.
FILMOGRAPHY: 2016 The Citizen (Az állampolgár),
2009 Transmission