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Hungarian Animated Shorts

HU, 63 min., no dialog
con Animationsfilm / animazione

11.04.19 16:00 Bolzano, TreviLab
14.04.19 19:00 Bolzano, Capitol 2

Animation ist eine Domäne des ungarischen Films, die spätestens seit Ende der sechziger Jahre permanent für internationale Aufmerksamkeit sorgt. In unserem Kurzfilmprogramm fokussieren wir auf zwei außergewöhnliche Epochen dieser Erfolgsgeschichte. Anfangs zeigen wir einige von den intellektuellen Parabeln der 70er-80er Jahre, die damals mit ihrer  Blumensprache  auch  über  die Atmosphäre hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang berichten konnten. Anschließend werden ausgewählte Werke junger Autoren der letzten Dekade gezeigt, die von veränderten Lebensgefühlen Auskunft geben. Das Element,  das das vielfältige Programm formal verbindet, ist, dass alle Filme auf Worte verzichten.

Nell'animazione e nei cortometraggi gli ungheresi sono tra i migliori, e questo già dagli anni Sessanta. Ad esempio “Sing”, di Kristóf Deák, ambientato nella Budapest del ’91, nel 2017 si è portato a casa l’Academy Award per il miglior cortometraggio, come “Best Live Action Short Film”. Nel nostro programma di corti ungheresi presentiamo una scelta di significativi lavori degli anni Settanta e Ottanta, per poi passare ad un mondo completamente diverso, quel lo dei lavori di giovani filmmmakers dell'ultima decade. Rigorosamente no words.

Zsófia Buglya
Uránia  Nemzeti Filmszínház

Koncertisszimó, by József Gémes
This grotesque film shows a concert where musicians are replaced by soldiers, and arms are the musical instruments. Won the Golden Dragon in Krakow.

Moto perpetuo, by Béla Vajda
A homunculus wishes to enter the paternoster of an office building, but every booth is occupied: the constantly moving elevator is filled with more and more shocking scenes, ranging from mundane situations to tabloid stories and the confusing drama of high-politics.
Won the Palm d’Or in Cannes.

A szél / Wind, by Csaba Varga
A film about the cyclical nature of existence, a trembling between life and death.
Named among the ten best animated films of all time (Krakow 1998).

A nyalintás nesze / The Noise of Licking, by Nádja Andrasev
A woman is being watched every day by the neighbor's cat, as she takes care of her exotic plants. Their perverted ritual comes to an end when the cat disappears. Next spring a peculiar stranger pays her a visit.
Cannes nomination.

Életvonal / Life Line, by Tomek Ducki
A conceptual semi-abstract approach to what life is for any individual.
Cartoon d`Or nomination.

A légy / Fly, by Ferenc Rófusz
Consisting of 4,000 wax crayon drawings, “Fly” is a paradigmatic example of background animation, which presents the last three minutes in the life of a fly.
Best Short Animation at the Academy Awards.

Küzdők / Fight, by Marcell Jankovics
The film is a symbolic gesture of self-reflection, the theme of which is the struggle between composer and composition, a struggle that shapes both the work of art and the artist.
Won the Palm d’Or in Cannes.

Maestro, by Géza M. Tóth
Five minutes before his big performance, the Maestro and his persistent mechanical assistant are getting ready. As the clock ticks, life at the top is not all it seems.
Won the Academy Award: Best Short Animation nomination.

FIN, by Katalin Glaser
Instead of a particular story, a series of successive small scenes. These scenes provoke different feelings, but all in all from a subjective view of the fantasy and the real world.
Won the Hungarian Film Critics Award.

Balkon / Balcony, by Dávid Dell’Edera
An old fella shows up from nowhere and shakes up the neighbourhood. Annecy competition.
(will also be shown together with "The Citizen", 13.04. - 21.00 - Club 3)

Symphony Nr. 42, by Réka Bucsi
47 short scenes linked together through their common theme of „irrational connections between humans and nature“.
Premiere at Berlinale Shorts Competition.
(is only shown togheter with "Körper und Seele", 11.04. - 17.45 - Club 3)

Hearth, by Balint Gelley
The idea is based on the short story "Tanyai lány" of Ádám Bodor, where we follow characters in a fatal rise of waters.
(is only shown together with "1945", 10.04. - 19.00 - Museion)